02 Nov 2022

Welcome, Digital Markets Act!

November 1, 2022, was a big day for the EU! And not only the EU.  The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) finally saw the light of day. As its implementation will start in six months, we need to be ready for all the changes it will introduce in the tech world.

Incited by the good old competition case law, the DMA will tackle the concerns that the European Commission (Commission) had in its previous practice. So, on the one hand, there will be loads of new obligations to the tech companies meeting the criteria of being designated as gatekeepers, and on the other, vast competencies of the Commission.

Will this be limited to the EU only? Certainly not! Should the Western Balkans’ companies be aware of the novelties? Surely yes! The global impact of the Brussels effect will not bypass our region. The act will become a new digital reality for all of us, and we will be happy to share our more detailed insights shortly. Stay tuned!  

Author: Marko Đorđević