01 Oct 2021

Bogdan Gecić Discusses Getting Top Performers Back on Track in Forbes

Bogdan Gecić, Managing Partner at Gecić Law, was quoted once again in Forbes, the leading global business publication, in an article titled “How To Get Your ‘A’ Players Back On Track When They’re Bored Or Burned Out”.

Bogdan was asked to join a panel of experts and share his perspective on approaching top performers when they are bored or burned out from the point of view of an eminent entrepreneur in the legal and professional services industry.

“Burnout is often less about being tired and more about a feeling of not having control over your life—as if work is just piling up and nothing is working in your favor. To deliver strong performance, people need to feel good about themselves and not succumb to self-defeating negative thoughts. Whenever I see this happening, I focus on guiding them to break out of this vicious cycle by changing their perspective or even by allowing them more choice on their next task. To recover, people must regain the sense that they are always the ones determining what goes on in their lives. Other than that, of course, a well-deserved vacation or more rest may be in order,” Bogdan said.

The Forbes expert panel comprised members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council.  The YEC is a global, invitation-only, US-based community of entrepreneurs and leaders under the age of 45, who have made a major impact in diverse industries and sectors.  Members of the YEC include leaders behind some of the world’s most exciting startups and companies such as AirBnb, Reddit, Behance, Living Social and Justin.tv.

As a Harvard Graduate with a strong European foothold, Bogdan contributes to YEC as one of the select members of this elite organization from outside the US, offering a unique multidimensional perspective to this extraordinary community. At the same time, YEC offers a platform for transatlantic knowledge sharing and collaboration.