12 May 2023

Miloš Petaković Delivers Lecture at Top Italian University

On Wednesday, our Senior Associate and a key member of our Banking & Finance team, Miloš Petaković, was invited to deliver a guest lecture on consumer protection for consumer loans in Serbia at the Faculty of Law of the European University in Rome.  The class was held for the students of European Banking Law, led by Prof. Attilio Cristiano Vaccaro Belluscio.

Miloš began the lecture by providing an overview of the history and general principles governing the banking system in Serbia and its position in the European context.  He highlighted the regulatory and institutional landscapes that govern the banking sector and how they relate to consumer loans.  He explained how the legal framework in Serbia protects consumers while ensuring the financial system’s stability.

The second part of the lecture focused on the creditworthiness verification system and how it applies to consumer loans.  Miloš discussed the importance of responsible lending practices and the need to assess the borrower’s creditworthiness adequately.  He also spoke about the information disclosure requirements and the various instruments of consumer rights protection available.

Miloš concluded the lecture with an interesting example of the series of lawsuits that followed the issue of processing fees charged by banks for issuing consumer and other loans.  This sparked a lively discussion among the students, who asked many questions and engaged in a meaningful exchange of ideas with Miloš.

The lecture was well-received by the enthusiastic and curious students.  Miloš was honored to have been invited to speak at such a prestigious institution and was pleased to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation of legal professionals.