04 Dec 2019

First Council of Serbia’s New State Aid Watchdog to be Appointed by Parliament

Serbia’s Parliamentary Committee on Finance, State Budget and Control of Public Spending held a public hearing yesterday, December 3, 2019. Among the items on the agenda was the shortlisting of candidates for election to the State Aid Commission’s new Council and election of the Commission’s chairperson.

Incumbent chairperson of the Commission, Vladimir Antonijević, was nominated for reelection to another five years in office, whereas other nominees for Council membership include Marko Vidaković, Ljiljana Blagojević, Dragan Đurđević, and Dušica Đorđević.

In the light of the recently enacted new State Aid Act, on which draft we provided proposals in the course of the public debate, the Parliament announced an open call on October 23, for applications for the position of Commission chairperson and seats on the new Council. The committee has received 17 timely applications.

The next step is confirmation of the nominees at the plenary session of the Serbian Parliament, which represents a mere formality in the process. Following this, the appointees will take office and set to work on resolving State aid issues on the local market.

Authors: Nadja Kosić and Suzana Dončić