20 Jun 2022

Bogdan Gecić talks to Forbes about team performance

Bogdan Gecić, the Founder and Managing Partner at Gecić Law, was quoted in Forbes, the leading global business publication, in an article titled “Nine Ways To Support An Average Or Low-Performing Employee”.

Bogdan was asked to join a panel of experts and share his perspective on the best ways to help associates improve their performance.

“A leader must be mindful of at least two things: One is that each member of the team is unique and complex in their own way and, therefore, requires a tailored approach to perform at their best. The other is that we must learn to identify and treat causes rather than effects. There are many reasons, both internal and external, why an individual may be performing poorly, and it is up to the leader to find the root cause. Whatever the reason for underperformance is, the solution should come from a positive angle, with deep empathy and genuine concern for the employee’s well-being and development. Negative stimuli rarely deliver sustainable long-term results,” Bogdan said.

The Forbes expert panel comprised members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council. The YEC is a global, invitation-only, US-based community of entrepreneurs and leaders under the age of 45 who have significantly impacted diverse industries and sectors.  Members of the YEC include leaders behind some of the world’s most exciting startups and companies, such as AirBnb, Reddit, Behance, Living Social and Justin.tv.

As a Harvard Graduate with a strong European foothold, Bogdan contributes to YEC as one of the few members of this elite organization from outside the US, offering a unique multidimensional perspective to this extraordinary community. At the same time, YEC offers a platform for transatlantic knowledge sharing and collaboration.

To read Forbes’ full article, please click here.