17 May 2021

Bogdan Gecić talks to Forbes about client service

Bogdan Gecić, Managing Partner at Gecić Law, was quoted in Forbes, the leading global business publication, in an article titled “Nine Solutions for Gathering and Responding to Customer Feedback”.

Bogdan was asked to join a panel of experts and share his perspective on the best ways to capture and implement client feedback from the point of view of an eminent entrepreneur in the legal and professional services industry.

“Surveys and interviews are a great way to gauge what clients are really interested in.  In professional services, a client-centric approach to everything we do is essential, while understanding and anticipating our clients’ needs is a significant part of our job.  We also get a sense of what we are doing well and where we could perhaps offer more and improve.  The way we implement these methods varies according to what we believe will give us the deepest insights.  With long-standing clients, we make sure this is a rather informal process, as an integral part of our periodic discussions.  On projects of limited duration, this is usually more formal, with at least two surveys conducted at the beginning and the end of our journey,” Bogdan said.

The Forbes expert panel comprised members of the Young Entrepreneurs Council.  The YEC is a global, invitation-only, US-based community of entrepreneurs and leaders under the age of 45, who have made a major impact in diverse industries and sectors.  Members of the YEC include leaders behind some of the world’s most exciting startups and companies such as AirBnb, Reddit, Behance, Living Social and Justin.tv.

As a Harvard Graduate with a strong European foothold, Bogdan contributes to YEC as one of the select members of this elite organization from outside the US, offering a unique multidimensional perspective to this extraordinary community. At the same time, YEC offers a platform for transatlantic knowledge sharing and collaboration.

To read Forbes’ full article, please click here.