23 Nov 2022

Frontex Negotiations Reopened

New developments are coming up in Frontex agreements!  On November 18, 2022, the European Council gave the green light for the opening of negotiations to broaden the already signed cooperation agreements between Frontex and four Western Balkans countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia).

This cooperation reflects the European integrated border management concept with non-EU countries and enables Frontex to carry out joint operations and deploy staff in these countries.  The arrangement became operational in 2019 with the signing of the first agreement with Albania.  Apart from the above countries, it includes Moldova and North Macedonia.

On the other hand, the new framework will involve more action and use of Frontex staff’s executive powers, such as border inspections and person registration.  The broadened efforts will focus on tackling migratory flows, illegal immigration and cross-border crime.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news on the topic!


Author: Marko Đorđević