02 Feb 2022

Miodrag Jevtić talks about class action lawsuits in Serbia for Euronews

Our Senior Associate Miodrag Jevtić had a live guest appearance in the central news program of Euronews Serbia yesterday. He was invited to speak about class action lawsuits and their specific status in Serbian law, especially as they could apply to the protection of consumer rights, an area that has lately seen significant public interest in a number of different instances.

Miodrag explained the concept of class action lawsuits and their potential advantages, particularly in leveling the playing field for consumers facing large companies who have infringed upon their rights. He also pointed out that class action lawsuits could help decongest the courts in cases where the same infringement has affected many individuals. He also noted that any further legislation on class action lawsuits must be aligned with a series of legal acts including the Act on Associations and the Consumer Protection Act.

Class action lawsuits were introduced to Serbian law as part of the 2011 Civil Procedure Act. However, the Constitutional Court of Cassation issued a stay on the provisions of this act pertaining to class action lawsuits in 2013, deeming them unconstitutional on the grounds of the clarity of these provisions and that they are a danger to upholding the principle of legal certainty and the rule of law.

Please click here to see the full interview (in Serbian).