23 Feb 2022

Bogdan Gecić spoke with Adriatic Magazine

Our founder and partner Bogdan Gecić spoke with the regional publication The Adriatic, an English-language publication by the Institute for Strategic Solutions (Inštitut za strateške rešitve) in Ljubljana. It features fundamental business and geopolitical issues of importance for the region of Southeast Europe. The interview was published in the February issue.

Bogdan spoke about the Gecić Law’s achievements and its strengths when advising diverse entities in the SEE region. He singled out innovation as the key ingredient to the firm’s success and the decision to expand into new practice areas such as ESG, one of the most pressing issues of our time. Gecić also shared his thoughts on how compliance with ESG demands may affect businesses and market dynamics in the region and beyond.

Speaking of the challenges of ESG for businesses in the region, Bogdan said: “Some still do not realize that failing to prepare may significantly affect their ability to compete in the market, sell their products and have access to financing. Regulators, investors, creditors, customers, and other key stakeholders will insist more and more on responsible business conduct. We advise clients on EU rules on ESG that will define international trade in the years to come, impacting exporters and entire supply chains in the Western Balkans and beyond.”

To read the entire interview, please follow the link below:

When it Comes to ESG the Sooner the Better