12 Sep 2022

Bloomberg Adria – Bogdan Gecić interview

Our Founder & Managing Partner Bogdan Gecić recently held a key discussion at Bloomberg Adria Serbia on the ramifications of the expected introduction of EU’s CBAM for the Adria & Balkans region. Bogdan discussed what this revolutionary new trade instrument, which will take effect in 2023, means for all companies from the Western Balkans and beyond that export to the EU.

If adopted by the EU Council, every importer in the EU will have to pay tax on the goods they import into the EU if the goods are produced in countries that do not have an Emissions Trading System (ETS) or an ETS-like system like a carbon tax.

This crucial topic requires a strategic approach and dialogue between corporations and government, considering it is expected to significantly affect business in the coming years.

To watch full interview, please click here.