21 Apr 2023

BioSense Institute & Gecić Law “Accelerating” Startups

Gecić Law is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with the BioSense Institute on a cutting-edge immersive program for the region’s early-stage and growth-stage AgTech startups.  As part of the BioSense Accelerator Program, entrepreneurs and teams gain exclusive access to in-house resources and tech support, matchmaking, and networking opportunities, while being exposed to practical coaching from international and local mentors and trainers to achieve quick market readiness.  A broad network is available to provide comprehensive support to startups, ranging from technical to business aspects of their development.

Our Senior Associate Nemanja Sladaković will lead the program’s legal module, offering guidance to the participants through several sessions, starting with the BioSense Bootcamp, which will take place beginning April 22, in the inspiring setting of the Mokrin House, where startups will have a chance to spend two days with members of the business community to network, learn and enrich their inspirational journey with the most prominent experts in diverse sectors of the economy.

BioSense, Research and Development Institute for IT in biosystems, is a pioneer in the digital transformation of agriculture in Serbia, founded in 2015.  Exploring scientific and technological frontiers regarding the application of IT in agriculture, the Institute strives to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions to the farming sector in Serbia and the world to ensure higher yields with smaller investments.  BioSense Institute focuses on multidisciplinary, game-changing, and needs-driven research, disseminating it to a global ecosystem of forward-looking stakeholders.  The Institute cross-fertilizes the two most promising sectors in Serbia: ICT and agriculture.

Stay tuned to learn more about the activities as they develop.