29 Dec 2021

Bogdan Gecić – The Lawyer award is the Oscar of the legal world

We recently won the Oscars of the legal world! Gecić Law was named the top legal firm in the 150-million-strong SEE market at The Lawyer European Awards 2021, which places our firm among the crème de la crème of the European legal market. Gecić Law was the only law firm from the former Yugoslavia and the Western Balkans to be shortlisted for the award and the first firm ever to be awarded the coveted prize in the new category covering the dynamic regional market.

The news of the award going to a Belgrade-based firm sparked significant interest. Recently, our Founding Partner Bogdan Gecić spoke with numerous distinguished publications about the award, the development of the firm and the future of the legal profession in the region.

“The award we won is the most prestigious in our profession, equivalent to the Oscars in movies. The Lawyer Awards are recognized as the golden standard of excellence in the legal sector. The Lawyer’s elite judging panel comprises top experts and business leaders from leading enterprises. Each year The Lawyer European Awards showcase the achievements of the finest in Europe’s legal industry.  The competition was particularly fierce this year, with a record-breaking number of submissions. It is an incredible honor to be singled out by experts and leaders hailing from brands such as Starbucks, UEFA, Campari and Hugo Boss highlight our strong deal profile and a strong consultative approach in providing legal services“, Bogdan said.

Bogdan also discussed the importance of innovation for corporate law in the region, stressing it should always be in tune with economic and technological developments. He also emphasized the importance of EU law and international trade in addressing economic and legal issues in the region.

“Hard work, ethics and especially creativity. This is what differentiates us and delivers added value. We especially emphasize innovation as our profession is often considered conservative and uncreative. For our team innovation always comes first. This is especially important for corporate law to be in tune with economic and technological developments, which is not always the case in our field. We are focused on finding solutions, not obstacles. Innovation is about learning and discovery.  To that end, Gecić Law recently introduced its ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practice. What also sets us apart is that we look at all legal advice through the eyes of EU and trade law, which is applied throughout the region through the Stabilization and Association Agreements.”

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