Businesses face a lot of pressure when undergoing government investigations and the consequences may often be felt even before a ruling is made.  The Western Balkans’ European integrations path has brought on a number of new regulations in the sphere of business relations, forcing companies to pay closer attention to the line between legal and illegal business.  Regulations in the field of white-collar crime include anti-money laundering rules, anti-corruption regulation, corporate fraud and more.  As firms face more scrutiny from authorities, our experts that have broad expertise combining EU and local practices in this field are prepared to provide comprehensive legal advice on white collar crime matters.

Gecić Law’s multidisciplinary team of white-collar crime experts and relevant industry professionals aims to give world-class legal advice to clients facing criminal proceedings in one or multiple jurisdictions.  We advise companies how to remain within the legal framework and comply with the criminal laws of countries in the Western Balkans and of the EU.  Additionally, we help both those accused and victims of white-collar crimes.

Our White Collar team specializes in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Criminal, misdemeanor and economic offense proceedings
  • Internal and regulatory investigations
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Corporate crime risks
  • Corporate compliance programs