29 Jul 2020

Gecić Law Website Best in Europe & Global Top 10

We are proud to announce that Gecić Law’s website was placed as the top-ranked European law firm website in the global list of top 20 law firm websites. This prestigious ranking puts us side by side with the world-class law firm Quinn Emanuel among others. The list was published by Intechnic, a Chicago-based, world-leading user experience (UX) and web design agency, with over 20 years of expertise in this field.

Dejan Baralić, the CEO of SmartWeb, the developer of the Gecić Law’s website, remarked that this project has a “special place” in their portfolio. SmartWeb’s team outperformed itself by creating a meticulous custom-tailored design needed to convey expertise and global nature of Gecić Law firm, and also by enabling HD videos which showcase Belgrade’s most important sights. An additional challenge was to incorporate the version of the website in Chinese, making us one of the first European law firms to offer its content in this language. SmartWeb’s hard work and talent were awarded numerous times. Thanks to the Intechnic’s listing, they also managed to expand their international clientele.

While we are pleased with this latest accomplishment, we are not the ones to rest on our laurels. We are constantly trying to find innovative ways to serve our clients and community even better: the Insights page on our website includes the most up-to-date thought leadership articles and news on legal and business developments regionally and globally. Staying on top of the latest events, in early March, we launched a new Coronavirus GLAW Hub portal on our website, covering the Western Balkan jurisdictions, with record visits leading to a top ranking on Google for weeks on end.

In 2018, our managing partner Bogdan Gecić was privileged to be invited as a speaker at The Law Firm Marketing Summit, the quintessential global marketing event in London.  Introduced as the “king of social media” by Terri Peper Gavulic of TerraLex, Bogdan laid out the firm’s award-winning online strategy (see video).

This latest accolade reaffirms our deep commitment to innovation and ambition to excel in all areas at both local and global levels.